Upcoming IAMA Events





Friday October 9th Unitarian CoffeeHouse, open-mic.  First Unitarian Church, 569 South 1300 East.  Sign up is at 6:30 music starts at 7:30.

Friday October 23rd, Unitarian CoffeeHouse Hosted Edition.  569 South 1300 East.  Red Branch, Bob Bland and special guest!  7:30

Friday November 6th, Local Concert Series.  Austin Weyand and The Gene Pool.  South Valley Unitarian Universalist Society.  6876 South Highland Drive.   7:30

For more information check out the event details on this site.

Craig Carothers Song Workshop “The Power of New”

Exploring the power of new.

“I have been thinking a lot about the parts of the song writing process that are ephemeral. Elusive. Even magical. What is generally referred to as inspiration. Quite often workshops dwell on songwriting craft – melody, harmony, song form, etc., but I think there is another aspect of craft that can help in the pursuit of inspiration. In my experience, inspiration can be coaxed along by exploring the power of new. Continue reading Craig Carothers Song Workshop “The Power of New”