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Kate’s Music about Utah

Hi Folks,
I’m working on a couple of recording projects this year, one of the violin/fiddle pieces I’ve composed over the years, and one of my collection of songs about our region of Utah. This article focuses primarily on the Utah music recording, as that specifically pertains to you all in the IAMA readership. Some of this music was written during my artist in residence time for the Entrada Institute, and some of it sprung from other experiences over the 30-some years that I’ve lived here. I began the project in August by recording 7 songs and 4 instrumentals in Torrey, UT with engineer James Anderson. James organized a house to record in, from where I could look out over red cliffs and sing my songs about the the very cliffs I was looking at. Then we transferred the tracks to a studio in Salt Lake City, where engineer Michael Greene and I will be working over the next few months. This recording of Utah music will include a long list of guest musicians from Utah, including Otter Creek and The Muses, Anke Summerhill, Alicia Wrigley, Steve Lutz, Dylan Schorer, Mark Hazel, but the list is growing daily, with some surprises that I can’t mention yet.
Due to the expansive production of this project, and the number of steps it will take to accomplish, people are stepping up with support, in the interest of helping me see it through to completion.
At this moment there are two organized ways to support the recording financially. On Sunday October 16, Bob McCarthy at the Garage on Beck is hosting a fundraising event to raise some extra funds for production costs. I’ll be there performing with some musicians and we’ll have a big evening of community spirit. The second and ongoing avenue of being involved, is through a website for crowd funding, Uniquely different than Kickstarter, the Patreon site supports an artist long-term, and the funds that are collected through that site goes directly to projects in the works.
I have a page there that can be found through a search with my name. I’ve been enjoying the patreon site, as it offers me a way to keep in touch with people in the circle of supporters by easily sending them pre-release tidbits of music that I compose, photos of things that are happening, and regular updates about projects.
Please come out to the Garage on Beck, on Sunday October 16. Details will be posted at my website, and on the calendar page of this magazine. And if you want to be added to my mailing list for announcements about this project, please let me know through [email protected].