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Jamming 101 Workshop FREE!

If you ever wanted to “Jam” with your friends this is the workshop for you.  A fun, informative class to help you break in to your favorite Jam circle.  Bring an instrument and join in the fun.  This class will talk about Jamming etiquette and will feature a couple of songs to help you get started.


Marilyn and Chuck Dillard will conduct the workshop.

Friday October 7th,  just before the Local Concert Series at 6:00PM.

SVUUS  — 6876 South Highland Drive

Acoustic 101 with Otter Creek

Our Acoustic 101 Workshop presented by Peter & Mary Danzig will take place on Friday night January 6th at 6:00 PM just before the Local Concert Series.  This class is FREE and is designed for those songwriters and instrumentalist who want to collaborate together. Bring your instrument and join in the fun.  SVUUS, 6876 South Highland Drive.

Utah Arts Festival—Music Workshops 2016

The IAMA Songwriter Academy is once again thrilled to partner with the Utah Arts Festival to conduct a series of song writing clinics for those interested in the craft.  There will be a total of five workshops on Friday June 24th and a special Mandolin workshop conducted by headliner Sierra Hull on Sunday afternoon.  Each of the Friday workshops are $20.00 ea., but you can register for all five for $75.00.  The Sunday workshop with Sierra is $25.00 or $20.00 if you have registered for the Friday five package.  Spaces are limited to 20 per clinic.

The workshops are located at the Salt Lake City Library during the Utah Arts Festival.  Parking is limited, so Trax or UBER is recommended. The classes will be held in conference rooms B/C.

Friday 6/24/16  10:00-11:15—Hal Cannon—“Watch Out for Inspiration”  Inspiration is something to respect and take note of, but the real work comes…sculpting the inspiration into a song.  Hal will talk about and sing his own songs, and will play short audio excerpts from interviews with respected songwriters about their process.  These interviews come from his NPR series, “What’s in a Song”.

11:30-12:45–Cori Connors–“Crafting a Song Lyric”  This class will concentrate on understanding the structure of a lyric, how it differs from poetry and other writings, and how to hone the craft behind quality lyrics.  The class will also teach a few tricks of the trade that will help free the Muse behind original and effective lyrics. Taught by Platinum selling songwriter Cori Connors.

1:45-3:00—Kate MacLeod “Take Your Melody Down the Road of Success”  This is a class in the creation of melody, the study of melodic elements, the choices we have when we are in the process of writing a song, and how we can effectively use melody to create unforgettable songs.

3:15-4:30  James Scott  “Arranging Your Creation” Well experienced in bothaccompaniment and solo performing, Nashville based James Scott has the inside track on arranging and bringing to life a piece of music with the guitar. He’ll be covering effective ways of accessing harmony and melody by constructing, and deconstructing chord progressions and melodic motifs found in the context of traditional and new music.

4:45-6:00  Michael James Greene  “Bringing the Song to the Studio” As an award winning recording engineer who has worked with award winning songwriters, Michael will give valuable information on recording vocals, making demonstration recordings, choosing musical settings for your songs, and other issues that can arise when taking your original songs into the recording studio.

Sunday June 26th  Sierra Hull, 2:00-3:30  Hull, an American Bluegrass singer, mandolinist and guitarist released her  debut vocal album, “Secrets” in 2008 at the age of 16.  The album peaked at #2 on the Billboard Bluegrass Charts. She began playing the mandolin at age 8, and released an instrumental album at age 10. She studied at the Berklee College of Music, and has already received five International Bluegrass Music Association nominations in the past three years.  She performed with Alison Krauss and Dan Tyminski at the White House in 2011.

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